The 47circle is an art collective that brings together groups of people to create a larger story utilizing visual arts, sculpture, music, painting, custom furniture, and jewelry. The number 47 represents the journey and a reminder to connect with the divine taking the lead in this interactive art collective. It's a magical concoction of collaboration and artistry, storytelling and transcendence, a beautiful reminder of why we create and how we can give birth to a more connected future! The number 47 has always been looked upon with reverence in the ancient Greek world and linked to the 47th problem of Euclid, otherwise known as "Divine Proportion." This ratio is often seen as expressing a spiritual truth while consequently it has been utilized in various aspects of modern sacred geometry. It embodied ideas of time and its passage, the sun and the moon, and the life and death of all things in between. It was a powerful reminder that life, though sometimes fleeting, was sublime, sacred, and above all, cyclic. The circle of life


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